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  • August 2014

Onvio continues to expand its' capabilities of integrating precision core technology into CUSTOMER SPECIFIC ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS.  The company is driving to be the innovative leader in engineering, packaging and manufacturing of OEM specific integrated precision motion assemblies.  Puebla, Mexico facility has created multi-functional assembly cells to meet the customer delivery requirements while providing a fully tested modular assembly.  This compliments Onvio's world class machining group producing Onvio's machined parts and customer build to print jobs. President John D'Amico commented "We have positioned ourselves with key talent, superior design tools and cost effective precision manufacturing to be a leader in creating CUSTOMER SPECIFIC ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS.  In most cases, our pricing is less than the customers total cost of ownership of integrating/designing around off the shelf motion technology.  Our 3D modeling designs integrated with process technology while engaging multiple lean manufacturing methods allows us to meet the expedited delivery needs and superior quality requirements of our customers."  Onvio continues to invest during this expansive period building upon our precision core technology. 

  • January 2014

Onvio announces major “precision machine tool” acquisitions. Onvio continues strategy of investments in Salem, NH and Puebla, MX manufacturing operation focused on continuous improvement, growth, capacity and capability to meet and exceed all  customer expectations.


  • December 2013

The Onvio Timing Pulley Brochure and Timing Pulley Worksheets includes all pitch configurations, value added services, as well as custom features / options.

  • September 15, 2013

Onvio is pleased to announce the continual growth of our family of precision gearbox products. The new SL, RL, and FL right angle gearbox family is available in four frame sizes with output torque ranging from 6 Nm up to 100 Nm and backlash as low as 12 arc minutes. Easily mounted to any NEMA or Metric/IEC servo or stepper motor. Please contact Onvio for complete specifications on this exciting new product family.

  • January 2013

Onvio expands timing pulley product line to include MXL pitch. Please contact Onvio for your “made to order” timing pulley requirements. Globally competitive pricing and quick delivery!

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