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High Torque Hollow Shaft Reducer

High Torque Hollow Shaft Reducer


Rated Torque 150 lb-in

Peak Torque 400 lb-in

Reducer Diameter 4.00 inches

Reducer Length 2.00 inches

Max. Hollow Shaft Diameter .500 inches

Rating and Dimensions

Onvio's New Dojen™ High Torque cycloidal speed reducers offer the same high precision as the standard series with a few advantages. An advanced cam follower design and integrated cam shaft offers higher torque ratings (20-25%) and a large hollow shaft for passing wires.


Features include:

  • 3 Frame Sizes
  • 10 Standard ratios from 25:1-225:1
  • Compound Reduction Cam
  • Compact, pancake design
  • Needle bearing cam followers
  • TRUE Zero Backlash
  • Integral capacity output bearing
  • Greased for life
  • Large Diameter hollow shaft


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