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FL Series

FL Series


Rated Torque 6 Nm

Peak Torque 12 Nm

Gearbox Frame Size 50 mm

Output Shaft Diameter 20 mm

Rating and Dimensions

Onvio's FL series gearbox is perfect for high dynamic belting applications that put a heavy radial load on the gearbox. Onvio has combined our SL bevel gearbox with our PL flanged gearbox to provide a compact belt drive that can be installed in the tightest spaces. Onvio's pulleys are made fit in almost any pitch style make the FL a versatile right angle solution for high speed motion control applications.


Additional Features include:

  • Steel Housing
  • Carburized spiral bevel gears
  • Four frame sizes
  • Carburized and skived spur gearing
  • Steel housing and ring gear
  • Backlash as low as 10 arc-minutes
  • High capacity output bearings
  • Optional NEMA output dimensions
  • 20,000 hour life
  • Grease filled for life and maintenance free


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