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Specialty Products

Onvio's philosophy is to provide the widest range of standard products available based on modular design concepts. This has allowed us to provide high quality standard products at the lowest cost in the fastest time.


In addition, it provides the foundation with which Onvio can create cost effective custom OEM products with very short lead times.


Integrated Servo Motors – Onvio works with several motor manufacturers that provide make to order frameless parts for many applications including AGV’s, military robots, bottling equipment, among others.


Low Temperature Gearboxes – It is critical that gearboxes operating in extreme low temperature environments have as little friction as possible in order to maximize motor torque. Onvio has developed some simple design enhancements and special grease to allow for outstanding performance at both extreme low temperatures (down to -50 C).


Washdown environments – In packaging and food processing, gearboxes and gearmotors must be completely sealed to keep out water and other harsh chemicals that can shorten gearbox life. Onvio offers a full line of IP67 rated products designed to meet individual application requirements.


AGV Drives – Light weight designs with integrated motors provide outstanding peak torque and speed performance for many of todays AGV’s and military robots.



If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact Onvio Applications at 866-685-0404 or contact@onviollc.com.




Integrated Servo Motors


Washdown environments


AGV Drives




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